Saal Digital Wall Art Review

The lovely guys at Saal Digital hooked me up with this fantastic 40×60  Acrylic Wall Art Print. Both myself and my clients were looking forward to receiving the fine art print and I was surprised how quick the turn around time from ordering to delivery was.

The Software from Saal is easy to use just simply drag and drop the image, choose size and print format vola!

When the print arrived it was nicely packaged with protective wrapping to keep the print safe. It was very easy to unwrap (nobody likes overcomplicated packaging which is difficult to unwrap).



The print quality was excellent retaining all the colours and shadows and exactly how I wanted it to be. The last thing any photographer wants is loss of colour or quality due to poor prints. With Saals print colour correction you can be sure the images will keep the same vibrant quality as you would expect.


As a fine art wedding photographer I wish to offer my clients the best quality prints and products which will showcase my work and ability I want the client proud to display my work in their homes.

My experience with Saal has been fantastic, I have ordered a number of albums and fine art prints for both myself and clients and each time the service, efficiency and prints have always been of fantastic quality.

To summarise, easy and straight forward to use software, superfast dispatch time, arrived within 3 days from shipping. A great quality product with rich colours and retaining the detail and contrast from the original image file.


A premium product that I would recommend to any client or fellow photographer, I truly believe in the philosophy that you get what you pay for and with Saal Digital you get fine prints delivery efficiently and of the highest quality.

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