fine art wedding photography

A Tale of Romance

Signature fine art portrait of Jas and Paven on there pre-wedding shoot in Cambridge.

As Artisan Photography wedding photographer I always aim to provide all our clients with signature images that they will be proud to display in their homes.

Photography is more then just clicking a button on a camera. It’s like a person pressing random keys on a piano it will make sounds but not music, but in the right hands a piano can be used to create a musical masterpiece. For example if I was to use Van Gogh’s paint brush and canvas it would not mean that my painting would become a masterpiece

Equally the camera is the photographers piano/paintbrush used to create fine art images,  a good photographer will take much more then just a picture by applying their skill, knowledge and creative vision in there work to create exceptional images.

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Indian Wedding Photography by Artisan Photography

Luxury wedding photography by Artisan Photography


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